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April 21, 2015
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Sage Madrone
Introduction to the Trager Approach

Developed by Dr. Milton Trager

The principles of The TRAGER Approach include facilitating deep relaxation and profound change through repeated sensing of the release and rebound of weight. Reaching unconscious patterns through rhythmic cradling, fluid attention, and playful curiosity will also be explored and applied to work with clients and to personal development.


Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes

  •        To gain a basic understanding of  the primary principles of TRAGER Movement Education and Mind/Body Integration
  •        To explore how movement principles bring new depth and lightness to a bodywork practice.  Playing with  non-painful myofascial release;  more meaningful range of motion.
  •        To begin to be able to find connection, ease stress, and access feelings of freedom and peace through simple movements done with awareness
  •        To sense weight and movement in themselves, and in a supine partner
  •        To receive basic information about the TRAGER Approach, and what is involved in becoming a Certified TRAGER Practitioner

Course Tracking Number __20-381636
FL providers number _50-2061